Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer


An online personal trainer is a great way for anyone to get fit. My name is Patrick Hargrave, and I have been a leading personal trainer in the UK for many years. I have developed a new branch to my business and that is online personal training, this is an ideal way to get fit. My services are designed for clients who are committed. Achieving the best results requires 100% dedication, and I only take clients who are willing to work hard. That being said, I can help anyone reach their fitness goals. My services are an ideal way to lower body fat and improve lean muscle tone.

My Methods

My methods are entirely effective, and I have been helping clients achieve their dream body for years.  My Leeds studio is home to my fitness laboratory. I have watched the transformation process in person and now offer the benefits of online personal training.  I require 100% dedication, but my plans achieve results. Diet and exercise are two components of a great physique. I work with clients on an individual basis and take into account each person’s unique body makeup. We can then work together to create a workout plan that will offer dramatic changes in as little as 90 days.

Dietary Support

Eating right is just as important as working out, and my online personal training services include a personalized diet program. Protein is just one component of a healthy diet. The substance is the building block of muscle and is essential for healthy growth. Consuming the right amount and types of carbohydrates is another of the benefits that my system offers. I help clients choose the right diet for the best results.


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Personalised Workout Plans

Everybody responds differently to work out plans, and it is essential to watch as changes occur. Some people do better with high rep sessions, and other see results with low rep workouts, it all depends on your genetic make up. I work with my clients on an individual basis and tailor workouts to the progress that is made. My system is no copy-and-paste workout. I have spent years in the personal fitness industry, and I know which approaches are most successful. When you take advantage of my online personal trainer service, you can have a personalised workout that is designed to help you meet your fitness goals.

Email Support

My specialist online personal training program offers full email support. I, Patrick Hargrave am always here to listen to my clients. I do not have underlings answer my emails, and I work hard to always be available to my clients. My services include detailed video instructions, personalised diets and email support. Learning how to perform exercises properly is of utmost importance. For this reason, I include detailed instructions that show proper form.

An online personal trainer is a great way to get fit, and my system is one of the most affordable. My monthly rate is only £30. This is cheaper than an hour at my personal studio in Leeds, and it comes with the same level of support.


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